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Refinishing cabinets is growing in popularity for many reasons. The cost of replacing cabinets has increased significantly as the price of wood soars. Cabinets built with traditional methods using solid wood and dovetails are even more expensive as carpenters who build custom cabinets become rarer. Over time, paint performance has improved dramatically, making painting cabinets a viable solution that delivers a brand-new appearance and durability. Refresh Services Painting Corp. is helping customers achieve the results of refinishing cabinets at a fraction of the cost of new ones.

Why choose our Cabinet Refinishing Services

Experience a flawless finish with our premium cabinet painting service. Using high-quality HVLP spray machines, we ensure your cabinets receive a professional-grade finish. Your doors and drawers are meticulously sprayed at our warehouse, while the cabinet boxes are expertly finished on-site.

At Refresh Services Painting Corp, we spare no expense in delivering the best for your kitchen cabinets. We use only top-tier materials, applying two to three coats of primer tailored to your cabinet wood type, ensuring a stunning and durable finish.

Our Cabinet Refinishing Process

DIY cabinet painting can quickly become overwhelming, involving extensive prep work, partial deconstruction, hardware removal, and more. Let our expert painting contractors handle it for you, delivering a flawless finish quickly and efficiently while saving you time, money, and stress.

We meticulously mask your kitchen, protecting every detail—from countertops to floors, walls, and appliances. Our team constructs a plastic enclosure using a zip wall system, ensuring dust and fumes stay contained, and keeping your home pristine.



  • Zinsser cover stain alkyd blocking
  • Sherwin Williams Problock Alkyd Stain Blocker Primer
  • Shellac Primer oil-based
  • Sherwin Williams Laminate Bonding oil-based Primer
  • Ins-xl Waterborne Urethane Bonding Primer


  • Sherwin Williams Proclassic Alkyd Enamel Paint
  • Sherwin Williams Emerald Waterbased Urethane Paint
  • Benjamin Moore Advance Waterbased Enamel Paint

3 Easy Steps

Removal Process

Removal of cabinet doors cover drawers and hardware, including all pulls, latches, knobs, etc.

Cleaning and Preparation

Through cleaning of all cabinet surfaces to remove grease, dirt, and other debris, and mask-taping cabinet boxes to avoid the inside being over-sprayed.

Sanding and Paint Application 

Sanding, vacuuming between coats, and applying primer and finish color, with at least two coats of each.

Color Palette

Extra white

Gray clouds

Versatile gray

Twilight gray

Summit Gray



Roycroft Pewter

Shade grown

Iron Ore

Actual color may vary from these examples due to computer display or printing constraints.

Cabinets Door Replacement

With a complete renovation, a contractor will remove and dispose of your old cabinets, replacing them with new ones. However, existing cabinets are often replaced with lower-quality ones made from inferior products.

The truth is, your cabinets likely still have many more years of life and use remaining. They simply need a refresh, and that’s where Refresh Services’ cabinet refacing service comes in.

We provide cabinet door replacements that involve keeping your current cabinet boxes and simply replacing the doors and drawer fronts. With a range of cabinet door styles to choose from, your kitchen can easily transform from outdated to stylish. We offer a variety of stylish design options that can be combined with different wood types, paint colors, and finishes.


Prep and Detail the job site by masking and draping the job site to protect your property. Sweep and vacuum to remove dust from the surrounding area. We even remove and clean any heat vents to ensure the area is dust-free. Patch and fill cracks and gaps. (Not required for all applications.) Hand clean the tight areas. Deep clean the floor surface. Hand-clean cabinet surfaces. Remove contaminants created by the N-Hance deep cleaning process. Fan dry
High-quality cabinets are among the most valued parts of your home. Hiring professional painters is especially important if you’re planning on selling your house. Prospective buyers place a lot of emphasis on your kitchen when determining how much they want to pay for your home — and cabinets are one of the first things they’ll see. Opting for a fresh coat of paint before you sell your house is one of the best investments you can make. Even if you’re not selling anytime soon, hiring a company that paints kitchen cabinets can elevate your kitchen space and give it a new lease of life for years to come.
Trends change constantly, and many homeowners are concerned with retaining a striking, contemporary look in their kitchens. White will always be one of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors, but current trends have shifted toward warmer, natural tones. The right color for your cabinets depends on your tastes and your kitchen's current design. If you’re not sure what color is best, we can help you decide based on your home and personal preferences.
Paint types often depend on the material your cabinets are made from. There’s a great deal of difference between metal, wood, and plastic cabinets. The preferred formulation of the professional cabinet painter for kitchen cabinets is oil-based paint. These paints take longer to dry and require more work, but their leveling qualities and stain resistance are unparalleled. Latex-based paints are sometimes used because of their easy clean up, but they lack the ease of care you get from oil-based paint.
Painting your cabinets gives them a fresh look, but refinishing takes them one step further. Refinishing means sanding down your cabinets, chemically stripping their existing finish, and redoing it from scratch. Cabinet refinishing is a type of home refurbishing that can entirely transform your kitchen's look. If you’re searching for something entirely new, hiring professional painters for kitchen cabinets and a refinishing service can elevate your kitchen further without investing in brand new cabinets.
Professional painting for kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be expensive. Get in touch with Fresh Coat and we will provide an estimate following an in-depth consultation and inspection of your cabinets. Every project is different, with accessibility, material, type, size, and the number of cabinets all playing into how much you can expect a cabinet painting company to charge. The best way to determine how much a cabinet painter costs is to get in touch today for your free, no-obligation consultation.
No, doors/drawers will be painted at the workshop.
Prices depend on how big the kitchen is. what are the cabinets' conditions, and what type of finish do you prefer?
We only use premium, eco-friendly, low-odor paint. Because of this, you are not forced to leave your home or business during our painting process. We can work around your schedule to make our services more convenient.
We ask for help to ensure timely services by carrying out a few preparation tasks before we begin your professional painting service. If you have scheduled interior painting services, please move furniture and other items away from the walls that are to be painted. This includes electrical cords and wires, furnishings, paintings, artwork, TVs and TV mounts, glassware, and other items. Our team can help you arrange for professional moving services if needed.
We’re happy to provide you with a free quote before we begin any work. To request your free quote, simply give us a call! Or click here….(form link) to fill out a form. We respond quickly! In Less than 48 hours.

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