Refinishing Cabinets is growing in popularity for many reasons. The cost of replacing brand new cabinets as the price of wood soars. Cabinets that are built with the old ways of solid wood and dove tails are even more expensive as carpenters that build custom cabinets disappear.Over the same time paint has made leaps and bounds in performance allowing for painting cabinets to not only be a viable solution but also deliver a brand new appearance and durability. Refresh Services Painting Corp. is helping customers to achieve the results of refinishing cabinets at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.

Our Cabinets are painted with a spray finish using high quality HVLP machines. Your doors are sprayed at our cabinets painting shop, while boxes are being sprayed in your home. Our shop is outfitted with special rack system to paint and dry the doors quickly and a dust collection system to ensure the high end finish is beautifully smooth.

Refresh Services Painting Corp. takes pride in the finished product of your kitchen cabinet refinishing project. We spare no expense when painting your kitchen cabinets and supply only the best options for all the materials used on your cabinets. Two or three coats of primer are used depending on your cabinet wood type. Then two or three topcoats of our amazing topcoat product to leave you with the most durable finish possible.

Remove hardware and doors and start painting doors back at our cabinet paint shop. We mask your kitchen with great care ensuring that the tiniest details are covered protecting your countertops , floors , walls and appliances. A plastic room is constructed to prevent dust and fumes from escaping into your home using zip wall system.

    • Clean and sand both the doors and the boxes of the cabinets.
    • Prime with our developed process of primers depending on your specific type of cabinets.Surface imperfections are caulked and repair too.
    • A minimum of two finish coats are applied over a minimum of two primer coats.Oak cabinets with large grain receive more coats.
    • Your doos are installed after we finish the cleaning and masking removal process is ended and you are left with a professional Cabinet Refinish Service.


    • Zinsser cover stain alkyd blocking
    • Sherwin Williams Problock Alkyd Stain Blocker Primer
    • Shellac Primer oil based
    • Mohawk Lacquer Primer
    • Sherwin Williams Laminate Bonding oil based Primer
    • Ins-xl Waterborne Urethane Bonding Primer


    • Sherwin Williams Proclassic Alkyd Enamel Paint
    • Sherwin Williams Emerald Waterbased Urethane Paint
    • Benjamin Moore Advance Waterbased enamel Paint
    • Mohawk Pre Catalyzed lacquer Finish

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